Geological hiking tour: experience stones and mountain formation

Saturday, 28 August 2021

What stories do the stones along the way tell?
Why are they so richly coloured?
Were there volcanoes in Glarnerland?
Who made the Alps?
We are looking for the most beautiful stone.
It will become a gem of your own.

Together we will be on a hiking tour through 280 million years of geology. We will spend our day in Freiberg Kärpf, Europe’s oldest game preserve and explore the world of stones. We will admire the magical line of the UNESCO World Heritage "Tectonic Arena Sardona" and get to the bottom of mountain formation.

Your self-collected stone will become your own gem (

Requirements: You are fit for a total walking time (excluding breaks) of 4.5 h, with about 750 m of up and down. You are used to hiking on trails.

Meeting point: 8.23 a.m. at the lower station of the cable car "Kies-Mettmen" (8.03 a.m. bus departure from Schwanden to "Kies, Niederental")

Equipment: Ankle-high hiking/walking boots (no sneakers) - trekking poles, if necessary - sunglasses, sunscreen and hat - rain cover, optionally collapsible umbrella - clothing according to your own needs concerning freezing/sweating, optionally spare t-shirt - approx. 1.5 l beverages - provisions (such as bars, nuts, dates) and a small picnic for lunch - binoculars, if you have any - personal medication

Cost: CHF 150 per person, including guided tour by the two hiking guides and GeoGuides Sardona Katja and Claudia, welcome coffee and croissants, personal pendent of self-collected stone. Cable car ticket is not included.

Group size: Maximum of 14 guests.

Insurance: Guests are responsible for their insurance cover.

Questions: We are happy to answer your questions.
Claudia Müller: 055 610 44 70 /
Katja Dürst: 077 400 23 58 /

Registration: Call on 055 610 44 70 or send an e-mail to or

Angebot in deutscher Sprache: 5. Juli und 19. September.

Corona: Wir halten uns an die Vorgaben des Bundes: Coronakonzept Wanderleiterverband - bitte anschauen.